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Friday, October 13, 2017
2:00 - 3:30 p.m.

 Wichita Marriott Hotel
9100 Corporate Hills Dr.  |  Wichita, KS 67207

Physicians, nurses, care teams, clinic staff, educational institutes, parents, and community members are invited to attend this FREE panel presentation Highlight on Vaccinations 4 Teens.  Please invite your healthcare colleagues to attend this free presentation, we do request advance registration for all attendees.

This non-CME educational panel presentation will focus on four vaccines every Kansas teenager needs: Meningitis, HPV, Tdap, and Flu.

Moderator: Robert P. Moser, Jr, MD

Panelists include:

  • John Eplee, MD  -  family physician, KS legislator, immunization champion
  • Gretchen Homan, MD  -  pediatrician, immunization champion
  • Bob Werner  -  father who lost his daughter to meningitis

Attendees of this educational panel presentation will learn vaccination best practices from Kansas colleagues, hear stories of the potentially devastating effects of under-vaccination, be reminded of vaccination schedules, as well as be provided access to a robust library of in-office materials to use in their clinics!



Vaccination rates for Kansas teens are generally lower than the national average according to CDC data collected in 2015 among adolescents age 13-17.

Vaccine   Kansas Rank      % of KS Teens      % of US Teens   
Meningitis   46 out of 5063.7%81.3%
HPV**48 out of 5050.9%62.8%
Tdap*27 out of 5087.3%86.4%
Flu43 out of 5039.5%46.8%

*Tdap is required by the state of Kansas for children to attend school.
**According to the 2016 National Immunization Survey, HPV vaccination rates in Kansas increased in 2016: 41 out of 50, 51.8% of KS Teens covered.   


Resource Center: CLICK HERE
These Resource Library materials can be tailored and used to help educate parents/guardians and teen patients about the four CDC-recommended immunizations for adolescents: meningococcal disease, HPV, Tdap and flu.

This program provided through the AAFP Foundation’s Family Medicine Philanthropic Consortium with support from Sanofi Pasteur.