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Posted on Monday, March 13, 2017

Special report on the state of our nation’s “ImmUnion” shared with Congress

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Every Child By Two (ECBT) recently shared a special report titled State of the ImmUnion: A Report on Vaccine-Preventable Diseases in the U.S. with members of Congress to highlight the power of vaccines and suggest areas of action to fortify the health of our nation.
This report highlights the successes of vaccines, the economic and societal savings incurred as a result of vaccines, challenges facing the public health system, and key areas to focus on to achieve optimal protection for all Americans. The report includes details on the following:

  • Immense success of vaccines in preventing illness and saving lives
  • Economic and societal savings as a result of high vaccination rates
  • Challenges facing the public health system that threaten our country’s progress in combating vaccine-preventable diseases among all age groups
  • Key areas of focus for legislators to help ensure optimal protection against these devastating diseases
  • Links to educational and vaccine policy resources from partner organizations 

ECBT is hopeful that this report will not only help congressional leaders learn more about the vaccination rates in their home states, but will also help public health advocates prioritize the benefits of immunizations in the years ahead as we face emerging health and budget threats. We encourage you to utilize these reports and tools below: