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Posted on Monday, October 2, 2017

$11k raised in 36 hours for generators in Puerto Rico


The KAFP-Foundation raised a grand total of $11,000 in 36 hours to purchase 11 generators to power the clinics and offices of Puerto Rico AFP members so that they can open their clinics and take care of the Puerto Rico people.  A BIG THANK YOU to the many donors, in Kansas and across the country, who gave to the KAFP-Foundation during this quick 36 hour fundraising campaign.  You are making a difference in the lives and health of patients beyond your practice. What started as a small plea a few days ago on social media by Dr. Kim Yu to help purchase generators for family physicians in Puerto Rico quickly blossomed into a fundraising campaign to provide 60 generators for Puerto Rico family physicians.  The Foundation of the Indiana AFP chapter offered to collect the funds, making them tax deductible. KAFP members wanted to support this great cause, and encouraged members to give what they could through a social media campaign.  The KAFP-Foundation sweetened the deal, offering a dollar-for-dollar match for any member who donated funds for generators through the KAFP-Foundation website; collecting $11,000  to give to the Indiana AFP for the generators. Dr. Yu and the Indiana AFP set a goal to raise funds for 60 generators, $1,000 each.  More than $38,000 has been raised as of Monday morning, October 2, and will provide 40 generators for fellow family physicians in Puerto Rico. Although the KAFP-Foundation match is over, it’s not too late to support this effort and help reach the goal of $60,000.  Give a tax deductible gift directly to the Indiana AFP-Foundation today!