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About Us


The mission of the KAFP is to promote access to and excellence in health care for all Kansans through education and advocacy for family physicians and their patients.

Strategic Objectives

OBJECTIVE 1: ADVOCACY - Shape health care policy through interactions with government, the public, business, and the health care industry.


1) Advance the Patient Centered Medical Home.

2) Increase payment to family physicians.

3) Increase the family physician workforce in Kansas.

4) Involve family physicians in targeted public health advocacy.


OBJECTIVE 2: PRACTICE ENHANCEMENT - Enhance members’ abilities to fulfill their practice and career goals.


1) Assist members to thrive in the current practice environment while preparing and transforming their practices to meet future needs.

2) Promote ongoing imperative for practice change through education and communication.

OBJECTIVE 3: EDUCATION - Promote high-quality, innovative education for physicians, residents, and medical students that encompasses the art, science, evidence, and socioeconomics of family medicine.


1) Increase the number of members and non-members who utilize KAFP Continuing Medical Education in pursuit of lifelong learning.

2) Increase funding streams for undergraduate, graduate, and continuing medical education.

OBJECTIVE 4: HEALTH OF THE PUBLIC - Assume a leadership role in health promotion, disease prevention, and chronic disease management.


1) Involve family physicians in targeted public health activities.